Text Animation with 3 dots Flex

A popular animation that anyone would come across several places, applications or even web pages would be a "Loading..." animation. Some would use progress indicator, and some goes on until it is complete. The type of animation getting used varies according to the requirement. This post discusses animating the Loading with three dots followed by it. There are other possible ways to create the same output other than the one explained here. The one presented here is the author's idea.

Date Field - Flex

Dates are used in many fields of Computer Science and as well in daily applications. From a simple Daily Attendance to a Comment system, everywhere date plays a major role. This post also has a date in order to tell the world about the Posted Date. Validation of user-input dates manually by writing code can be quite tricky and hence popular languages provide a user control able to hold dates, only valid dates. Flex uses a DateField to achieve this.

Vertical Align Text in Date Field - Flex

The article is about DateField in Flex. Well not exactly about the usage of DateField at various situations, but about an issue I faced during a program and the solution I have found. The solution provided here is just a work-around and may not be suitable in some situations. Presented here are the own views of the author. That's me!

Simple Spark Button Skin Flex

A skin is the overall layout of a control [according to me], which is the composition of basic Geometric shapes and text. For example, a button is a filled rectangle with some text in the middle [a basic button]. This combination can be assumed as the default skin for the control. And of course, who would like to go with the default Always? 

Native Process - Flex Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)

Adobe AIR supports running Native Processes from within Flash Player. That means any other program in the Operating system can be executed, as well as controlled from the AIR application. Creating an AIR application is very simple, if you have FlashDevelop.  Go to Project->New Project->Flex AIR Projector->Open, Run the CreateCertificate.bat for creating a Certificate for your own and done.

Mastering Alert - Flex

Alert or Message Box [in some languages], is usually a small window containing some message [usually a shorter one], pops up from an application. Yes! stand-alone as well as Web applications have support for these small pop-up windows. The message might be any of the following
  • Information
  • Error
  • Question

Simple Animation in Flex

Animation!! I think most people are interested in. But the theory behind it is far away from MY understanding. Presented here is some simple thing, that gives a illusion of some object's movement.

The definition goes like, "a sequence of images, each one displayed for a small amount of time". So what we are up to? The one I did is not a sequence of images, may be in the future I will try to do one. 

To make an illusion, I think, it is enough to move some objects, but in a meaningful way. Just wanted to share my experience about my first animation using Flex.

Calculator using Flex

One day I thought of implementing a simple Calculator. And when I was looking for the platform to develop, I came up with Flex, yep, only using Flex SDK, because I do not have an IDE to simplify my task. It was quite challenging without the help of Flash Builder. And I would like to share my experience on developing the calculator with you. For compilation instructions, please see Compiling Flex without Flash Builder.

IP Validator In Flex

Below discussed is a simple IPv4 validator using Flex. For compiling Flex without Flash Builder please see Compiling Flex without Flash Builder.

Lets start with the design of the User interface. Try figuring out the controls we need for achieving the requirement. The problem statement is so simple, I will give an IP address, and I want to know whether it is valid or not. So, we have some input to be obtained from the user, the input has a name, some control for indicating that the input is complete and finally some control saying that whether the input is valid or invalid. Putting it all together, we need a total of four controls,
  • Label
  • Text Box
  • Button
  • Message Box

Hello World - Flex

English alphabets start with 'A'. Just like that every Computer Language starts with 'Hello World' program.

To execute not just the Hello World, all you need is
  • Flex SDK
  • Editor of your choice
  • Adobe Flash Player 10 or above
For compiling Flex without Flash Builder please see Compiling Flex without Flash Builder.

Compiling Flex without Flash Builder

Hope you have some knowledge about Flex, if not please have a look at this.

Flex applications can be compiled using mxmlc compiler that is part of the Flex SDK, located in the bin folder of course.

Introduction - Flex without Flash Builder

Flex, of course, the prefix was Adobe and is Apache now, is simply a Software Development Kit, should say free. Any SDK, would include few libraries, a compiler, and other stuff necessary to create some output file from one or more input files. The Flex SDK is similar to others and does the same job as other SDKs do.